Brief Idyll

R. Dufy saves the day!

I am taking my little family, the dog, the new kitten, Mockingjay, sunblock and bathing suits and crawling into the photo on the left (yes, that strikingly cheerful Dufy masterpiece) for a weekend getaway involving serious beachtime, naps, organic salads and a baby blessing. My spouse, the Professional Writer in the family (at the moment) has been keeping odd hours due to a project involving the word: Lebowski (as big as it sounds—with a rug that really tied the project together…). He is overdue for a mini-break. And there is nothing like the ocean to inspire me to persevere with revisions, face fresh critiques and—all that. Until Tuesday (and the anticipated delivery of a new stove)! I bid you bon mots and bons vacances of the petit variety (j’ai oublie tout ma francais—merde). Or, in the words of 30 Rock: Suck it monkeys, we’re going bohemian. Woof.


About PB Rippey

Writer, wife, mother, activist, fortunate.
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