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Dug Out

Eons ago my wisdom teeth came out far easier than this morning’s Tooth #4, which my dentist described as having a curved root, meaning: curve-ball for what should have been a pretty quick procedure. ‘See?’ my dentist said. He twisted my liberated tooth … Continue reading

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Believe & Succeed

This month’s inspirational/motivational quote glaring at me on the calendar by my bed desk states the following (said in the throaty/heady voice Sir Ian McKellan uses when Gandalf): B E L I E V E  &  S U C C … Continue reading

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It appears to be Friday–again. I managed to finish this week’s immediate goal, which will ignite a slew of similar goals in upcoming weeks, especially next week, when once again I go on:   r e t r e a t. With. My. Son. The … Continue reading

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