Whoa, Bess!

I think of dysfunction as top-grade blinders put on a horse to stop it from spooking as it is forced to parade down Main Street–only the blinders are backwards, mirrored, prompting spooking and rump/withers-whipping by those trusted to lead the way.

My sisters and I continue to navigate ‘ancient’ family history in the wake of our mother’s passing.


Hendry’s Beach, UCSB (my alma mater) a distant point.

I look forward to the time our (me, my sisters) revelations are shared over seriously fine dining, or beachwalks, whale spouts flanking discussion to strictly (and never moot) Californian points: Rincon, Conception, Reyes–you choose, all constants, all currently snagged for metaphorical purposes.

Yours in Ted Talks, kindness, stopping the Amazon from burning, and healthy personal resolutions,


About PB Rippey

Writer, wife, mother, activist, fortunate.
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