Crucial Weekends (Moaning Myrtle Edition)


Because it is here that Moaning Myrtle comes alive for the laywoman. Er–Always my first stop. #universalstudios

There is still only finishing my middle-grade novel (see previous post). My goal for completing this novel is the last week of May.

Then the combing through the drafts may begin.

Combing through the drafts sounds like an adventure activity, doesn’t it? Combing through the drafts. Shooting the curl. Rappelling into the narrows (you can do that at Zion Nat’l Park). Meaning: there IS excitement involved with revision…

I’ll take that excitement and trade my time on the exercise bike for it. I’ll trade Twitter-time for that excitement. And I’ll trade any vacuuming of the house, and doing laundry, too.

I promise.

But–in addition to only finishing my middle-grade novel, last weekend there was my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday AND Mother’s Day, during which I was presented


She is not 80. No way. She walks faster than I do! And she doesn’t require naps.

with a Hufflepuff hoodie (no, I did not get sorted into Gryffindor–Hufflepuffs are known for their tenacity, so…comforting, right?). I received a priceless MDay card from my son, breakfast at Three Broomsticks, hot AND cold Butterbeer. and the opportunity to celebrate the kind of canny mommy who declares to her brood she wants to spend her milestone birthday at Hogsmeade. Listen:


Luck’s hooks are infinite.

Yours in writing-frenzies, revision-rappels, gratitude for extraordinary MIL’s, and luck,




About PB Rippey

Writer, wife, mother, activist, fortunate.
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